Extreme Archery Leagues

Extreme Archery by Archery Tag® is a unique, fast-paced team sport where players compete for points by shooting Archery Tag® foam tipped arrows at the opposing team.  Points are awarded by “striking” your opponent or “catching” your opponent’s arrow.  Unlike dodgeball, players stay in the field of play even if they are hit.


  • Coed
  • Ages 10 and up can play
  • Adults and youth can play against each other.
  • Appeals to non-athletic players.
  • No experience necessary, even if you have never shot a bow.
Extreme Archery Leagues
Extreme Archery Leagues


Archery Tag® is the official equipment brand required for Extreme Archery by Archery Tag® and IEAF Sanctioned Leagues & Tournaments.


A regulation sized field is 30’x62’ with an 18’ Neutral Zone that separates the teams.  Each team must remain behind their Yellow Attack Line and remain in their respective Action Zones.  The entrance to the field is from the side of the Neutral Zone.  Side “A” is on the left and Side “B” is on the right.


Teams are made up of up to 8 players, but a maximum of 4 players per team are on the field during game play.  Teams can substitute players during the match without pausing the game.


Games are called “Matches” and are made up of four 8-minute Periods with a 3-minute break between Periods.  Teams switch sides for each Period.

Extreme Archery Leagues
Extreme Archery Leagues


The team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

  • 1 point is awarded for each “Hit”
  • 3 points are awarded for each “Catch”
  • 2 points are subtracted from a player or a team for each “Penalty”


Stats are updated in real time, and record every arrow that comes in contact with a player, and are based on the how much game time the player has (Time on the field) “TOF”:

  • A “Strike” is awarded to a player for each time he or she “Hits” an opponent.
    • Strike Per Minute “SPM” is a ratio of how many of a player’s arrows hit his or her opponents.
  • A “Hit” is when a player gets hit by an opponent’s arrow.
    • Hits Per Minute “HPM” is the ratio of how many times a player is hit.
  • A “CAT” is when a player catches an opponent's arrow.
    • Catch Per Minute “CPM” is based how many Catches a player gets.
  • A “CA” stands for “Catches Against” – for the arrows caught by your opponent.
  • A “PEN” is a penalty and is a 2-point deduction from a player or a team, and are assessed for the following:
    • Shooting someone in the Neutral Zone.
    • Stepping out of bounds.
    • Stalling – Staying in the Neutral Zone longer than is needed to grab arrows.
    • Stalling against the team.  This happens when one team has all of the arrows and is not returning fire.  This prevents the opposing team from having arrows to shoot.
  • The “NET” is a player’s overall net score for that Period or Match.
    • Example: A player strikes an opponent 13 times (+13), gets hit 10 times (-10), catches 6 arrows (+18), and gives up 2 catches (-6).  His or her NET would be +15 (13-10+18-6).


2 Referees and 1 Scorekeeper are assigned to each side (A & B) and do not move with the players.  Referees are posted at the back of the field behind the players, and Scorekeepers are away from the field. Each Referee is primarily responsible for watching their half of the field, while looking down range toward the opposing players.  Players are identified with numbers on the front and back of their jersey, along with a number on each side of their mask.

Scoring is quite simple.  The Referee communicates with the Scorekeeper through a full duplex radio and will say simple commands like: “2 Hit by 3”, or “2 Catch by 3”.  If the Referee is watching Side B, then player 2 on B would be hit by player 3 on A.  The referee can easily see where the arrow is coming from.  Referees help each other out, so if a Referee is not sure which player shot the arrow, the Referee on the other side of the field will hold up the number of fingers that correspond with the player that shot the arrow.


The main scoreboard shows each team with their Strikes, Catches, Penalties, and Hits

The Detailed Scoreboard shows each team, along with the players and their real-time stats.  Each player has a colored dot next to their name.  A green dot indicates that a player is on the field, and a red dot indicates that a player is on the bench.

Extreme Archery Leagues
Extreme Archery Leagues
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